Our Story


We didn't plan on having twins, but when we found out that we were going to, we were catapulted into being parents. Jordyn and Jaclyn were our first kids so like most parents we were overly cautious with them. Keeping them safe and healthy was our number one priority and we wanted to find products that would help with this. Like most twins, they were born premature and were at an extremely low weight(4 pounds) in the middle of the winter.

We looked everywhere for clothes that were ultra comfortable, breathable, and safe. It was a struggle to find something that checked all the boxes.

While learning on the job as parents, we were also sharing our moments with the twins on social media, Instagram in particular, on their account @ThomasTwins. One day, Jasmine(Mommy)recorded a video of one of the children having an explosion in Justin's(Daddy) hands. The video went viral and was viewed by millions of Instagram users. Their account instantly became much more active and we interacted with a lot more parents. What was interesting were all the comments about other parents who have went through the same problems we were having and complained about not having comfortable + convenient sleepwear for changing. This is what sparked the idea. There was an evident problem, and we wanted to solve it.



We took the problem into our hands. We did tons of research on sleepwear and loungewear for kids and learned as much as we could about the different components to clothing. What we wanted was something that optimized for comfort and convenience. Once we learned about the different fabrics we could use for clothing, we were honestly shocked that bamboo wasn't more popular than it is. Bamboo is an extremely unique fabric for clothing and was exactly what we were looking for. It is ultra soft, temperature regulating, hypoallergenic, antifungal, antibacterial, stretchy, sustainable, and more. What was honestly more shocking than finding out the benefits of bamboo, was that we as adults didn't have bamboo clothes ourselves. The real test for us was testing bamboo products on our own kids since Jordyn is usually warm and Jaclyn is usually cold and we needed something that would work for both of them.

Not only did it work, it seemed like magic the way each of them found their bamboo sleepwear so comfortable and slept through the night. The temperature regulation really isn't some marketing fluff. It was at this moment we decided we wanted to build sleepwear and loungewear products that both babies and parents would love.

We found a manufacturer that would work with us and iterated on multiple options until we found products that made us and our babies Jordyn and Jaclyn very happy. Our goal is to continue to design sleepwear and loungewear that is ultra soft, safe, comfortable, convenient, and stylish. There's no reason that our kids need to sacrifice style while optimizing for the other things. We hope we can make a difference for the new parents who just need some help. All of our products were tested on our own kids so we could experience first hand the pros and cons of each design. After multiple iterations we narrow down the list of products that make us really happy. Those are the products that you see in our store. Tested on our own children, and built from experience.

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